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An Absolute Guide to Refinishing the Hardwood Floors

2019-04-10 02:12:45


  • Hardwood floors are the most sought-after type of flooring across the globe and this is not just because of the fact that they look beautiful and have a classic feel to themselves, but also because they are quite simple to maintain, are long-lasting and non-allergic. If you are planning to go for hardwood flooring installation in Vancouver or already have it set-up, you have made a real good choice. The only thing to keep in mind is to take proper care of it so it lasts a long time and looks as good as it originally used to. A lot of hardwood flooring types generally forms a patina that tends to enhance its appearance with time provided the appropriate steps are taken to take care of it.

    Hardwood flooring can be as good as they originally were after refinishing them from time to time. How often should you be refinishing them is mainly dependent on the level of wear and tear as well as the kind of maintenance the floor received. In case the floor has quite a number of deep-seated gouges or scratches, refinishing might not be a viable option and you must go for floor replacement. Alternatively, it could be feasible to buff out any scratches that are light with the help of sanding, followed by reapplication of the finish.

    Process of floor sanding on hardwood flooring:

    Clean the floor properly: The area where refinishing is to be done should be properly and extensively cleaned prior to beginning the process.

    Prepping: Prior to refinishing, move all the furniture out from the room, get rid of shoe molds, tape the edges of the walls, and cover the vents as well as doorways with sheets of plastic to keep the dust away. Likewise, keep in mind to prepare yourself by keeping your mask and gloves handy.

    Sanding: Seek help of a professional Vancouver floor refinishing company for this process. Their team would begin by rubbing the sand paper all over the floor. Then they would take a high-grade sand paper and continue doing the same. For the edges of the room, they would be making use of a handheld sander.

    Vacuum the floor: Once the sanding of the floor is done, the team would vacuum, and wipe the floor totally. They would take note of all the holes or cracks in the floor and then fill them up with wood filler.

    Stain or seal: Based on the floor and your preferred output, the team would apply the stain or seal, and might even do the sanding or buffing again, if required.

    Finish: As the final step, the flooring team would apply the selected finish or polyurethane on the flooring surface.

    With a little care, your home’s hardwood flooring would continue to serve you for several years down the road and at the same time look great. If at the moment, you do not have hardwood flooring in your home, however are planning to invest in one, carry out proper and detailed research with respect to various kinds, styles and finishes available in the market. To learn about the various flooring options for your home, feel free to get in touch with Edgemont Floors