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You Need To Know About Vinyl Flooring Explained In Easy Points

2018-05-16 03:40:21


  • What is vinyl flooring?

    Vinyl flooring is a flooring that comes in large, flexible and continuous sheets of vinyl. The biggest advantage of vinyl flooring is that it is totally water resistant and this makes it very long lasting giving it the benefit or being hardy and robust. It is often compared to vinyl tiles which are smaller tiles that are a harder material and need interlocking to be installed. The problem with vinyl tiles is that they are not as water resistant and can be harmed when submerged in water. Vinyl flooring is quite durable even though vinyl tiles are not all that durable.

    Types of vinyl flooring

    There are three basic kinds of vinyl flooring. These types are homogenous, layered and inlaid composite. Depending upon the requirement, the weather condition as well as the budget, any of the three can be chosen.


    Vinyl flooring is largely durable because it is water resistant. Unlike vinyl tiles, vinyl flooring has longer life and will last longer once installed properly in your home, office, workspace or any other space where it is required.


    There are many benefits of Vinyl flooring that are known and accepted by many. Let us take a look at few of those benefits:

    1.       Water Proofing- As vinyl flooring is majorly water proof, it is great to be used in kitchens and washrooms and also in other such rooms where there is constant water and some material that is waterproof is needed.

    2.       Looks and style- Vinyl flooring is most commonly used to allow style and have modern design to a room. This is because vinyl flooring comes in a number of styles and patterns. These patterns can be made to match the furniture, the décor and so on so that the overall look of the room looks good and comes together with the help of the vinyl flooring.

    Vinyl Flooring in Vancouver

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