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We offer coordinating moulding accessories to perfectly complement your luxury vinyl floors.

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  • Color :   Brown
  • Waranty :   Residential 30 YEAR Limited Warranty,, Light Commercial 10 YEAR Limited Warranty
  • Width :   180 mm (7.087
  • Length :   1220 mm (48.031

Product Description

We offer coordinating moulding accessories to perfectly complement your luxury vinyl floors.

Beaulieu Lab Certified
Customer satisfaction, product quality and sustainability are fundamental aspects of our company vision. We are constantly improving our procedure to respect those criteria for the well-being of everyone. We are proud to unveil our new quality certification: Beaulieu Lab Certified (BLC). For each category of hard surface flooring, many tests are performed to ensure a strict quality control and to conform to industry regulation. A physical inspection is executed during the manufacturing process to verify the colour, the length, the width, etc. Each test is documented with detailed reports, photos and videos to guarantee accuracy. We are therefore confident that our products maintain high quality criteria. The majority of our hard surface flooring products respect this certification and are easily be recognizable by the BLC logo on the product box. We are one of the only flooring manufacturers and distributers to require these tests for our hard surface products. We believe this is a crucial step for quality control enhancement.
Because most people spend most of their time at home, indoor air quality is an important issue to consider when you are buying a new floor. Poor indoor air quality is caused by inadequate ventilation, poor cleaning, and/or excessive emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from surfaces and finishes. FloorScore, developed by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) in conjunction with SCS Global Services (SCS), tests and certifies hard surface flooring and flooring adhesive products for compliance with rigorous indoor air quality emissions requirements. Look for FloorScore when buying a new floor!