ِEdgemont Floors

Mohammad Electriciteh

Warehouse and Logistics Manager, Edgemont Floors

Mohammad Electriciteh has been an integral part of the Edgemont Floors team for nearly a decade, serving as our esteemed Warehouse and Logistics Manager. Renowned for his exceptional time management skills and trustworthiness, Mohammad is the backbone of our operations. His hard work and dedication are evident in the smooth functioning of our logistics and warehouse operations, ensuring that projects are supported with efficiency and precision. Mohammad’s loyalty to the team has not only contributed to our success but also fostered a trustworthy and reliable environment. His commitment and meticulous attention to detail ensure that every aspect of our supply chain is optimized for success, making him a valued and respected member of the Edgemont Floors family. Join us in celebrating the steadfast dedication and continuous hard work of Mohammad, a true pillar of our company.