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Shifteh Negahban

Store Manager, Edgemont Floors

With over ten years of experience in managing renovation projects, Shifteh Negahban stands out as a premier project manager at Edgemont Floors. Renowned for her resilient personality and impeccable time management, she consistently ensures that each project is executed flawlessly. While Shifteh is known for her warmth and kindness, she brings a serious and focused approach to negotiations, securing the best possible outcomes for our clients. Her meticulous attention to detail might be seen as her only ‘weakness,’ but at Edgemont Floors, we consider her perfectionism our clients’ greatest advantage. As our dedicated Store Manager, Shifteh not only oversees daily operations but also masterfully handles project challenges, guaranteeing perfection in every aspect of our service. Join us in celebrating Shifteh—a leader whose commitment and precision continue to elevate the experiences of all who walk through our doors.